Ad Astra 2016

Toronto, Ontario, 29th April to 1st May 2016


29th April to 1st May 2016 10:00 am - 11:59 pm

Website: Ad Astra 2016


Sheraton Parkway North Toronto Hotel and Suites
9005 Leslie Street, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4B 1B2
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29th April 2016

5:00 pm
Open to Public - Thornhill [Art Show]
6:00 pm
Cadet training session - Unionville [Artemis]
Brandon Draga Book Launch - Suite 1086
Open Gaming - King City [Gaming]
Opening Ceremonies - Richmond C and D [Main Room]
7:00 pm
Give Them A Laugh - Aurora
See Programme Book for Details - Gormley [Anime]
Gateways to Science Fiction and Fantasy - Markham A
Diversity and Equality in Cosplaying - Markham B
Fanfiction as a Unique Culture - Newmarket
Friday Night Reading - Oakridge
Trophies: A Live Reading of the Stage Play - Richmond A
The Relationship Between a Self-Publisher and Their Editor - Richmond B
8:00 pm
Loving What Happens vs. Loving Who It Happens To - Aurora
Mission Challenge 1: Ximni Scramble - Unionville [Artemis]
Meet and Greet with Guests of Honour! - Suite 1073 [Con Suite]
The Influence of Shakespeare on SF/F - Markham A
Are Intelligent Machines an Existential Threat? - Markham B
The Medium is the Message: Plays Screenplays Novels and Other Media - Newmarket
Friday Night Young Adult Reading - Oakridge
Sound Check - Richmond C and D [Main Room]
9:00 pm
The Chuck Tingle Effect: Earning Respect as a Self-Published Author - Aurora
Clockwork Canada: Steampunk Fiction Launch Party - Suite 1086
Robert J. Sawyer Birthday Party - Suite 1080
Networking and Social Media for the Self-Published Author - Markham A
The OTPodcast Live - Markham B
Cropsey Slender Man and the Angels of Mons: the Roots of Religion and Folklore - Newmarket
Horror Reading - Oakridge
Food Drink and Cuisine in Speculative Fiction - Richmond A
Kari Maaren Concert - Richmond C and D [Main Room]
9:30 pm
Kraken Not Stirred - Richmond C and D [Main Room]
Astronomy [Parking Lot] - Other
10:00 pm
The BSG Mod - Unionville [Artemis]
Mission Alpha: Havock in the Hammak Sector - Buttonville [Artemis]
Deadpool: A New Kind of Hero - Markham A
Game of Thrones: TV vs. Books - Markham B
May Contain Graphic Violence - Richmond A
The Dos and Don'ts of Writing Erotica - Richmond B
Star Wars Cantina Karaoke (Bar) - Other

30th April 2016

10:00 am
2015 in Spies Secret Services and British Intelligence - Aurora
Star Trek - TOS Mod - Unionville [Artemis]
Fighter pilot training session. - Buttonville [Artemis]
Saturday Morning Movie - Suite 1073 [Con Suite]
See Programme Book for Details - Gormley [Anime]
How to Outline and Plan Your Story - Markham A
Expressing Your Geekiness in Song - Markham B
Bio-Technology and Transhumanism - Newmarket
Steampunk Reading - Oakridge
Visual Worldbuilding and Narrative - Thornhill [Art Show]
David G. Hartwell Memorial - Richmond A
Cosplay 101 - Richmond B
11:00 am
A Troubleshooting Guide for Manuscripts - Aurora
Jump drive training session. - Buttonville [Artemis]
Intergalactic Infusion Tea Party - Suite 1080
Crowdfunding Strategies - Markham A
1966: The Year of Science Fiction on TV - Markham B
The Value of Fanfiction - Newmarket
Saturday Morning Science Fiction Reading - Oakridge
Creating Art on Commission - Thornhill [Art Show]
The Decision to Self-Publish - Richmond A
Do Used Books Help or Hurt Authors and Publishers? - Richmond B
A Conversation with Jack Whyte - Richmond C and D [Main Room]
12:00 pm
Mission Scripting Tutorial - Buttonville [Artemis]
Nina Munteanu Book Launch - Suite 1086
Open Gaming - King City [Gaming]
Star Trek: The First Fandom - Markham A
Do You Binge-Read? - Markham B
YouTube and Viral Video Creation and Culture - Newmarket
Mars: Why Do We Want to Go There? - Oakridge
Judging a Self-Published Book By Its Cover - Thornhill [Art Show]
Publishing Today - Old Models, New Models, Hybrids - Content and Delivery - Richmond A
How To Put Together an Anthology - Richmond B
12:30 pm
Solar Observing [Parking Lot] - Other
1:00 pm
Creating Costume Armor with Foam - Aurora
Cadet Training session 2 - Buttonville [Artemis]
Self-Published Author Meet and Greet! - Suite 1073 [Con Suite]
Modern Anxieties and Post-Apocalyptic Landscapes - Markham A
We Want to Believe: The Return of the X-Files - Markham B
Finding a Literary Agent - Newmarket
Saturday Afternoon Fantasy Reading - Oakridge
Selling Your Art at Conventions and Festivals - Thornhill [Art Show]
Police Procedure: Busting the Myths & Misconceptions - Richmond A
Exploring Hybrid Publishing - Richmond B
Libraries in the 21st Century - Richmond C and D [Main Room]
2:00 pm
Johnny Gruesome Concert - Aurora
Mission Challenge 2: Attack of the Terrans - Unionville [Artemis]
Podcasting Your Passion - Markham A
Writing from the Boondocks - Markham B
Diverse SFF Islamophobia and the War of the Worlds - Newmarket
The Impact of Social Networks and Online Communities on Human Experience - Oakridge
Open to Public - Thornhill [Art Show]
Welcome to Hellmaw - Richmond A
Crafting a Believable Alternate History - Richmond B
Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory Presentation - Richmond C and D [Main Room]
2:30 pm
Robert J. Sawyer Reading - Aurora
3:00 pm
DIY Publicity: Who to Contact and What to Say - Aurora
Pop Seagull Publishing Book Launch - Suite 1086
How to Creatively Collaborate - Markham A
A Guide to Submitting Your Short Stories - Markham B
Joss Whedon: Feminist? - Newmarket
The Influence of Fanfiction Tropes and Practices on Mainstream Fiction - Oakridge
Hellmaw Readings - Richmond A
Approaches to Building a Believable World - Richmond B
Science in Science Fiction, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly - Richmond C and D [Main Room]
4:00 pm
DMX Lighting Tutorial - Unionville [Artemis]
Attract Mode - Buttonville [Artemis]
Book Signings Conventions and Festivals: Navigating Opportunity as a Self-Published Author - Markham A
Common Writing Mistakes from an Editor's Perspective - Markham B
Sherlock Goes Victorian - Newmarket
Chizine Authors Reading - Oakridge
Catherine Asaro Reading - Richmond A
Sound Check and Set-Up - Richmond B
4:30 pm
Catherine Asaro Signing - Richmond A
5:00 pm
Northern Frights! - Aurora
Steampunk Tea Duel - Suite 1073 [Con Suite]
Crossing the Gender Divide - Markham A
Tabletop Games You May Never Have Heard Of - Markham B
Thinking Outside the Superhero Box - Newmarket
Saturday Evening Young Adult Reading - Oakridge
Masquerade Green Room - Richmond A
6:00 pm
Appreciating Weird Fiction - Aurora
Bridge vs. Bridge: TSN - Unionville [Artemis]
Bridge vs. Bridge: Ximni - Buttonville [Artemis]
Amanda Sun Book Launch - Suite 1086
Brain Lag Publishing Book Launch - Suite 1080
E-Books or Traditional Printing: Evaluating Your Self-Publishing Options - Markham A
Does Diversity Sell? - Markham B
Alternate Universes in Fanfiction - Newmarket
Saturday Evening Science Fiction Reading - Oakridge
7:00 pm
Loving the Villain - Aurora
If I Ran the Con - King City [Gaming]
How to Terrify People - Markham A
Dungeons and Dragons 5e - Markham B
The Magicians: From Page to TV Screens - Newmarket
The Stars: Not My Destination? - Oakridge
Leslie Hudson Concert - Richmond B
8:00 pm
Droids Canada Podcast - Aurora
Saturday Evening Social - Suite 1073 [Con Suite]
Ex Machina: The Greatest Scientific Event in the History of Man - Markham A
The Disappearance of the Beginning Middle and End - Markham B
Into the Labyrinth of Guillermo Del Toro - Newmarket
Saturday Night Reading - Oakridge
Masquerade - Richmond B
Chizine Publications Party [Suite 1062] - Other
9:00 pm
Hamilton Karaoke Sing-Along - Aurora
Fleet Action - Unionville [Artemis]
EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Launch - Suite 1086
The Rise of Kink in Fanfiction and Fandom - Markham A
We Destroy the Things You Love II - Markham B
9:30 pm
Scotch Tasting - Suite 1080
Astronomy [Parking Lot] - Other
10:00 pm
Dance - Richmond B

1st May 2016

10:00 am
Comic Book Cinemaverses: DC vs Marvel - Aurora
Open Play - Unionville [Artemis]
See Programme Book for Details - Gormley [Anime]
Online Social Networks and Communities Explained - Markham A
This Ain't Utopia Planitia: Believable Starship Designs - Markham B
What Can Your DNA Tell You? - Newmarket
The People of Camelot - Oakridge
Open to Public - Thornhill [Art Show]
Guest of Honour Brunch - Richmond A
When to Listen to Your Editor and When Not To - Richmond B
11:00 am
Cosplaying For Groups - Aurora
Star Trek - TNG Mod - Unionville [Artemis]
Mission Charlie - Buttonville [Artemis]
Princess Leia: Slave Princess Action Hero or All of the Above? - Markham A
How To Go Beyond Getting Started and Get Something Finished - Markham B
Will We Reach a Superhero Tipping Point? - Newmarket
Sunday Morning Fantasy Reading - Oakridge
The Rise of Environmental Fiction - Richmond B
12:00 pm
Cosplay on a Budget - Aurora
Mission Delta - Buttonville [Artemis]
Open Gaming - King City [Gaming]
Surviving as an Artist - Markham A
When Technobabble Goes Wrong - Markham B
Setting Up Shop as an Indie Publisher - Newmarket
The Place of Nostalgia in the Stories We Tell - Oakridge
Star Wars: The Fandom Awakens - Richmond B
12:30 pm
Solar Observing [Parking Lot] - Other
1:00 pm
How to Market and Sell Short Fiction - Aurora
Artemis Awards Ceremony - Unionville [Artemis]
The Legacy of Steven Moffat's Doctor Who - Markham A
Marketing and Promoting Your Self-Published Novel - Markham B
Boob Windows Non-Costumes and The Influence of the Male Gaze in SF/F Costuming - Newmarket
Recommended Non-Fiction for the Science Fiction or Fantasy Writer - Oakridge
Jack Whyte Reading - Richmond A
NaNoWriMo 101 - Richmond B
A Conversation with Chizine Publications - Richmond C and D [Main Room]
1:30 pm
Jack Whyte Signing - Richmond A
2:00 pm
Open Play 2 - Unionville [Artemis]
Sunday Afternoon Tea House - Suite 1073 [Con Suite]
Ad Astra Feedback Panel - Markham A
Reviews: How to Write Them and How to Read Them - Markham B
The Trials and Tribulations of Writing About Time Travel - Newmarket
Self-Publishing Mistakes Made So You Don't Have To Make Them - Oakridge
Mental Health in Fandom - Richmond B
Publishing Science Fiction and Fantasy - From Whence We Came and Where We Are Going - Richmond C and D [Main Room]
3:00 pm
Getting Started in Webcomics - Aurora
Ad Astra General Meeting - Markham A
Work-Life Balance as an Artist - Markham B
The Marvel Cinematic Universe on the Small Screen - Newmarket
Sunday Afternoon Fantasy Reading - Oakridge
Star Trek's Return to Television - Richmond B
4:00 pm
Closing Ceremonies - Richmond C and D [Main Room]


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